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Civil cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.


Elizabeth Louise D’Albini v. Daniel Carl D’Albini; divorce decree issued March 14 on grounds of irreconcilable differences, using terms of settlement agreement reached Feb. 8. By the terms of the agreement, Elizabeth D’Albini will keep a 2007 Pontiac G-6, and Daniel D’Albini will keep a 1998 GMC Sierra. Real estate will be surrendered in the parties’ planned bankruptcy; until then, Daniel D’Albini will retain the right to occupy the property and pay utilities. The parties will have joint custody of two minor children; Elizabeth D’Albini will have primary residential custody and receive $1,008 monthly child support from Daniel D’Albini.

Stuart Woodruff v. Tracy Woodruff; petition for divorce dismissed March 20 on joint motion.

Jessica Smith v. Billy Jackson; name change of minor child ordered on the grounds that the child has had no significant contact with the father in three years.

Brenda Kay Larson v. Seth Michael Larson; mediation agreement filed March 14 for child custody. Joint legal custody will continue, and Brenda Kay Larson will continue to have primary residential custody. Seth Larson will have residential custody for extended weekends every other week, as well as intermittent evenings and holidays.

SRS v. James Woods, 1529 150th St., Eureka; findings and orders made Feb. 27. Parties reached agreement, which was scheduled to be reviewed March 21.


Citibank N.A. v. Dale M. Buchanan, 673 Walnut, Marion; case dismissed March 14 without prejudice.

Credit Management Services Inc. v. Aurora Salamone, 315 N. Ash, Hillsboro; judgment by agreement of the parties made March 20 in favor of the plaintiff. Defendant ordered to pay $567 plus $23.76 interest and $81 costs.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC v. William G. Harris, 2589 120th, Florence; default judgment made in favor of the plaintiffs March 20. Defendant ordered to pay $1,497.57 plus $128.42 pre-judgment interest and $76 costs.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Terry A. Steiner, 126 W. Santa Fe St., Marion; judgment of $1,310.076 plus $210.69 interest plus costs made Feb. 6 in favor of the plaintiff.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Elissa Cordle, 220 Garfield St. #1 #1, Marion; judgment of $3,440.64 plus $695.67 interest plus court costs made Feb. 6 in favor of the plaintiff.


Claude Honaker Jr. and Debra J. Honaker’s guardianship of a minor child terminated March 13 because the child turned 18 in 2010.

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