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City sends big bill to county

Sheriff gets $11,600 invoice for hiring new city officer

News editor

Hiring former city police officer Aaron Slater as an officer could cost the sheriff’s department a lot more than paying his salary.

Slater had worked for the city for less than a year, trigging a state law that requires the sheriff to compensate Peabody for all expenses incurred while he attended the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson to obtain his certification.

Chief Bruce Burke sent an invoice to the county for $11,622.71. Wages accounted for $10,5123.95 of that. Mileage computed at the standard government rate amounted to $928.76, and a cell phone charge was $180.

The bill has yet to be paid, and Burke told council members Monday that the county had requested time sheets to verify the wage amount. He wasn’t certain time sheets were open records.

Mayor Larry Larsen appeared perturbed by the situation.

“I don’t know how in the world there could even be a question, if that’s what the law says, that they have to reimburse us wholly, I don’t know what the issue is,” Larsen said.

Council members agreed to seek counsel regarding the timesheet request from Kansas League of Municipalities.

Council member Janice Woodruff said she had talked with someone about replacing Mark Whitney as city representative to the Marion County Community Economic Development Corporation board. Whitney declined the appointment after attending an Oct. 10 meeting of the MCCEDC interim board.

When asked if the individual was interested, Woodruff’s answer was low-key.

“He has not said no yet,” she said.

Larsen emphasized the importance of having representation on the board and twice encouraged council members to look for other possible candidates.

Larsen originally appointed Marion businessman Chris Hernandez as a Peabody representative without getting consent from the council. Hernandez then became a county commission nominee.

Larsen said the council should be open to choosing people outside of Peabody who could contribute to the board, as the focus of the organization is to be countywide.

In other business:

  • A system to take credit card payments for municipal court and city bills was approved. The cost of two refurbished iPads and card readers to implement the system will be recouped through municipal court service fees.
  • Curb repair needs, trash in the park, and playground equipment repairs were discussed. Council member Tom Spencer said there would be an equipment fundraising booth at Giving Tuesday.
  • A donation of $50 to Marion County Toy Run was approved.

Last modified Nov. 2, 2017