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City oaths of office postponed

Staff writer

Monday night’s Peabody City Council meeting should have opened with the administration of oaths of office for re-elected mayor, Larry Larsen, and three re-elected council members, Pam Lamborn, Steve Rose, and David Scott.

However, the county commission did not get the votes from the April 5 election canvassed in time. Without the official numbers from Marion County Clerk Carol Maggard, Peabody City Administrator Mac Manning was unable to install the re-elected mayor and council members.

They all resumed their places as former elected officials and the meeting went on as planned. Manning will administer the oaths at the next city council meeting, April 25.

In other business:

  • Larsen signed a proclamation from the National Federation of Music Clubs to declare May 1 through 8 National Music Week in Peabody. NFMC member Edna Andres presented the request.
  • Lamborn had asked permission to rent an empty garage attachment adjoining one of the Baker buildings. After discussion about the community’s possible perception of conflict of interest due to Lamborn’s council position, she withdrew her request.
  • Lamborn asked that council members re-visit the question of a $9,000 pay raise for Police Chief Bruce Burke approved at the March 29 meeting. She said the initial discussion took her by surprise at that meeting and she did not feel council members had time to review the information presented. She made a motion to reconsider the unanimous vote. The motion died for lack of a second. Council financial committee members Tom Schmidt and Scott reviewed the reasons for the raise and explained its funding. No further action was taken.
  • Peabody Main Street and Economic Development Director Shane Marler gave a report on the progress at the Baker buildings. He has removed the wet carpet and covered some of the worst leaks with tarps as a temporary measure to prevent additional damage.
  • The Farr building has been gutted and renovation has begun. Marler reported, “There is good progress being made to a building that has been empty for some time.”
  • Manning presented his report. He will take five days of vacation beginning April 12. On his return, he will begin reviewing personnel policies that are in need of revision. He requested a 15-minute executive session to discuss personnel. The council took no action on return to open meeting.
  • David Beckner of 611 N. Olive received permission to extend a payment plan on his water bill. Due to illness, he had fallen behind on his utility payment, but had begun catching up by making his payments late. He does pay the required late fee. The council agreed to let him use that arrangement for an additional two months as requested.
  • Scott asked for a review of Fourth Street just north of Legacy Park by the streets and alleys committee. The nursing facility would like “No Parking” signs installed near the north entrance to the facility. That entrance is reserved for emergency vehicles. The committee will review his request.

Last modified April 14, 2011