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City issues domicile violation citations

The city of Peabody has an ordinance that forbids the use of certain buildings, recreational vehicles, and travel trailers as a structure in which people may take up residence.

Lately Peabody Police have begun issuing citations to people who are using such domiciles illegally.

“We seem to be getting more folks who think they can just pull a camper or RV up to a house, plug in an extension cord, and use the residence as a utility company,” Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke said. “It’s one thing to have company stopping by for a few days and staying in a recreation vehicle. The city allows that on a short-term basis. But the property owner needs to check with the police department to get permission even to do that.

“And the camper or recreational vehicle may be used as a domicile for only 30 days,” he said. “It is not to be used as a long-term residence.

“Proper sewer, water, gas, and electrical service also are required. It is a potential health hazard when people take shortcuts.”

Burke also noted that structures such as utility sheds, storage units, and cargo-type trailers also are not to be used as living space.

“We have issued a couple of citations already,” he noted. “And there are a few more offenders out there that will be receiving them.”

For more information about the ordinance and any associated penalties, contact Burke at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Feb. 25, 2010