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City giving out mosquito briquettes

Peabody has a supply of Altosid mosquito control briquettes to help residents fight mosquito infestation if the weather stays cool and damp.

The briquettes will control mosquitoes in small bodies of water such as roadside or alley ditches, fish or ornamental ponds, marsh areas, abandoned swimming pools, and storm drains. Any place that retains standing water that will attract mosquitoes.

Altosid briquettes can be left in place and if the area dries out the briquettes can remain there. They will begin working again if water pools and remains. The briquettes will fight mosquito hatchlings for up to 30 days in wet areas. One briquette will treat up 1,500 gallons of water in a depth of up to two feet. Or one briquette will treat 100 square feet of surface area.

The briquettes are available at the city office as long as the supply lasts. They are available free to city utility customers.

Last modified June 12, 2013