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City Council shocked by bill for uniforms

A $913 bill from UniFirst for uniform and rug rentals had Florence’s city council smarting with sticker shock Monday’s evening.

“This is getting crazy,” councilman Trayce Warner said. “How do we owe the uniform guy $900?”

The council held payment of $888.86 for uniforms in September, and a $372 credit was subtracted for the exchange of seven pairs of pants. The bill September and October was $913.

One pair was not returned, and Florence city office uses two rugs, but council members were skeptical as to whether the bill was correct.

The council originally voted to hold payment for October, but changed its motion after councilman Riley Reid objected.

“We withheld it last month and we shouldn’t be doing that,” he said.

It was instead decided that payment should be conditionally approved, pending confirmation that the amount was accurate.

Florence’s limited number of serviceable dumpsters is angering residents, councilman Trayce Warner said at Monday’s meeting.

“We’re losing money,” she said. “We’re making people mad who call and want a dumpster because we don’t have one for them.”

Florence is already using three dumpsters that are in poor condition because of the limited number.

One solution could be purchasing expanded metal to cover the base of dumpsters.

The concern with using expanded metal is that it will leave holes for trash to potentially fall through, councilman Matt Williams said.

“If somebody throws any liquid in there then you’re going to have a mess on the street,” he said.

If the city decides to make a purchase, it can be delivered with Prairie Oaks Designs’ delivery from Salina Steel, owner Sara Dawson said.

Last modified Oct. 24, 2019