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City cleanup week begins April 28

Staff writer

Twice a year the city of Peabody and the city’s refuse service provider, Waste Connections, provide a special weeklong service to the community during the citywide cleanup week. This year the cleanup event will begin on April 28 and end the following Saturday. Roll-off Dumpsters will be available and curbside pickup is scheduled for May 3.

Most of the service is free to local residents, but there are charges for some items.

“As usual we remind everyone that citywide cleanup days are a benefit to our residents, not a mandatory service,” said Peabody City Clerk Stephanie Ax. “We encourage everyone to be considerate of our workers and to not abuse cleanup days.”

No construction or demolition materials will be allowed in the Dumpsters or be picked up at curbside. These items include cement, lumber, siding, sheetrock, fencing, concrete blocks, and such. All “C&D” materials should be taken to the Marion County Transfer Station at 320 W. Santa Fe in Marion. Anyone taking those materials should call (620) 382-5655 in advance.

Yard waste also is not approved for placement in dumpsters and will not be picked up from any residence. Leaves, grass, limbs, and foliage constitute yard waste. Those items must be taken to the burn pit at the south end of Olive Street. If the yard waste is in trash bags, the bags must be emptied at the burn pit and returned to the resident’s home.

Roll-off Dumpsters will be placed at the corner of First and Olive streets on April 29 and May 1 from 4 to 8 p.m. and on May 4 from 8 to 11 a.m. Residents planning to deposit items in the dumpsters should be prepared to show proof of city residency with at driver’s license or city water bill stub.

Curbside pickup is Friday. Residents may begin putting items at the curb on April 28.

“We still ask that people remember the three Bs,” said Ax. “Anything taken to the curb for pickup must be bagged, boxed, or bundled. Items tossed loose into a pile will not be removed. Again this is to make the week run a bit more smoothly for the workers picking up extra trash. Plus, containing things keeps them from blowing all over the neighborhood.”

Tires will be picked up curbside, but a resident wishing to dispose of tires must call the city building and advise Ax how many tires they have for pick up. Prices vary and the customer will be billed for the number he reports. The billing will accompany the next city water bill. No tires will be picked up from residents who have not made advance arrangements.

Appliances will be picked up with the exception of any that contain refrigerants.

“The regulations have tightened on disposal of anything that contains Freon or similar cooling products,” Ax said. “Now it is necessary for a certified technician to come into a home and remove the appliance. That is a service we cannot provide so we don’t pick up appliances that fall into that category. However, stoves, washers, and dryers are okay to set out at the curb.”

A hazardous household waste trailer will be parked from 9 to 11 a.m. May 4 at First and Vine streets by the former dog pound. Paint, cleaners, aerosol containers, insect repellants, and other household items can be turned in at no charge.

“The city is happy to provide this service to Peabody residents,” Ax said. “People should call the city building at 983-2174 in advance if they have questions about a procedure or policy regarding cleanup week. We will do our best to offer assistance or guidance.”

Last modified April 17, 2013