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Christmas in Mayesville

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Christmas comes to Mayesville just as it comes to Greater Peabody and the rest of these United States.

The preparation and celebration is probably a lot like what is going on where you live. Little kids wait for Santa, church folks set out creche scenes, and resident Grinches and Scrooges shake their heads over all the frivolity. They scowl and mutter as they walk down Main Street and see the lights and decorations.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Peabody indeed.
But Mayesville has to be different.

That’s what makes it the part of town we love. In this bleak midwinter, folks in Mayesville alternate between dejection and euphoria. The reason for the dejection is almost all the kids here have gone away. Yes, you residents who lit out for the territory of K-State and California have left emptiness behind, and your families are sad to have you off their hands.

No wish lists or ads marked in the Sears catalogue, or letters to Santa. No hanging around the Mayesville Civic Center, being bored.

The euphoria comes in when the folks think of you coming home for the holidays. Jesse and Ethan home from Manhattan (the little Manhattan), and the new babies coming to Lynn and Fred and Leroy. Grandkids visiting Pat and Lawrence to see the plethora of trees Pat has decorated. Kids coming up to visit Francis at Legacy Park, and Lena and Serena bringing the grandkids to admire Charlie’s Winter Wonderland.

The lights at Charlie’s and Linda’s were the focus of the outing last week when bus tours came to Mayesville. The light peepers started at Fisher’s and ended their tour at Riggs’s place. A veritable wonderland indeed. All they needed was wassail, but none was available.

The newlyweds are busy mailing packages to their grandkids in Seattle and California and Massachusetts. Prunella assures everyone they are fine, enjoying the reflection from the other houses on Gravel Ends Road. Digby is excited at the idea of the sleigh ride planned for Doyle Creek the next time it snows. Gary and Marilyn will have sheep in a pastoral scene at the creek, and the sleigh will be pulled by the miniature donkeys and llama. After carol singing at the creek, the party will return to the Bell House where dancing and merrymaking will ensue.

Remember, even Scrooge enjoyed reliving the parties of his youth.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you will be, Mayesvlle wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and Season’s Greetings. Food, family and fun — even the Grinch relented in the end.

Last modified Dec. 17, 2008