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Children 'pay it forward' to food bank

Staff writer

A group of little givers recently took up the mantle of kindness and donated items to Marion County Resource Center and Food Bank in an effort to do more good in the world.

Home Away From Home day care provider Tracey Long said the idea evolved out of a conversation with the children about how “Christmas is the season of giving, not receiving.”

They talked about ways people can give and be kind to each other, as well as the concept of “paying it forward,” she said.

“Often times, when people have something nice done for them, they want to return the favor by doing something nice for somebody else,” Long said. “Paying it forward is like saying ‘thank you.’”

Long wanted the kids to experience giving.

“They need to ‘do’ instead of just hearing and reading about it in order to really grasp how it feels,” she said.

Long said the children became excited about performing their own giving project.

“It was the kids idea,” Long said noting that their parents also liked the idea when it was presented.

Starting mid-December, the little givers began to collect items in a basket at Long’s daycare.

“They are so excited every time they put something in the basket,” Long said. “They understand that their food and other items will go to kids and families whose moms and dads don’t have enough money to buy them,” Long said, “and they know that the food will get eaten and make a child happy.”

One little giver, Peyton Metro, told Long, “This makes my heart happy.”

Miles Tajchman told Long, “This is a good thing to do because Jesus would love it.”

Gerry Henderson, Food Bank chairman, picked up donations Thursday.

“This is just another example of how God provides,” he said. “We’ve got little kids getting involved now. It is wonderful because there is a tremendous need for food in this county. It’s an ongoing, every day, God-provide activity.”

Food Bank secretary Jackie Volbrecht said other county youths have gotten involved, too.

“We’ve had teachers bring their classes in to help, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have been in to help carry out food items for some of our elderly recipients, and parents often bring their kids in to help, too,” Volbrecht said. “It’s so nice to have all the kids’ help. That’s what I love about this community.”

Long said it was a nice feeling to know there are kids and families in the area “who are willing to do good things.”

Last modified Dec. 24, 2015