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Change of heart?

Councilman changes mind about atrazine lawsuit

Managing editor

At the conclusion of Monday’s Marion City Council meeting, councilman Bill Holdeman asked the council to consider a rescission regarding the council’s decision to participate in a lawsuit against an atrazine manufacturer.

“Farmers are mad at us,” Holdeman said, “and the lawsuit is making Marion look bad.”

He continued he didn’t expect a decision from the council at that meeting but asked if it could be on the agenda at the council’s next meeting, May 18, for discussion.

Holdeman asked water plant supervisor Marty Fredrickson if all atrazine is removed from the city’s drinking water through the clarification process. Fredrickson answered, “No, not all of it.”

No other comments were made by council members.

Council seeks new REC member

The council regretfully accepted the resignation of Marion Recreation Commission board member Christian Pedersen.

“I hate to see people like Christian resign from the board,” councilman Steven Smith said. “He did a good job. I would like to see him reconsider his decision.”

City administrator David Mayfield said the council needs to replace Pedersen on the board.

Anyone interested in being considered for the position should submit a letter to the city council.

Last modified May 7, 2009