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4th grade

Stacey Tischhauser’s class

I tried to be very good what I want iphone 12 max pro and a brand new car for my mom and a second one for my dad its OK if you can’t get that stuff but at least I tried to do something nice for my mom and dad that’s all I want and my sister wants $50 for this holiday so I hope we can get it when Christmas is here thank you.


Hope you are doing well! I would like an I-Phone 13 and a camera this year for Christmas. For our stockings my sister and I would like Fidgets and some candy. We will have milk and cookies out for you and carrots for the reindeer.


Can you please get me Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Nine. Because I’m a good boy, I love reading and I think I need it otherwise I’d be a whiny boy who only played video games. I don’t want to be a whiny boy who plays video games, so can you please get me Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Nine.


I don’t like Christmas as much but I do like working on bikes and cars and trucks I love to do dirtbikes so I want a new dirtbike and a bicycle and new tools and that’s it.


I really want a speaker, white camera, and a tub of pop its for Christmas because I’ve been a really good girl and I help my brother and sisters. I help people, I help my friends out. I clean with my mom. I help my mom with Arabeel, Kash, and Haidyn.


I would like to have an art set, lol dolls, Barbie doll accessories, fidget spinner pop it, remote control car, some more led lights, Christmas decorations for humans and Barbie dolls, big Barbie doll Christmas tree with ornaments, boy Barbie dolls, lol remix doll[big and small], [small and playful] puppy dog plllllleeeeeaaaasse!!!!!!

Can I please have everything but if you can’t get everything that’s OK but please! I’m a very veryveryvery good girl!!!!!!


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