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CENTRE: 4th grade

Fourth grade

Taught by Amy Carlson

Dear Santa,

I am 10 years old. I like football. Do you do the floss? For Christmas, I want a New York Giants football set with pads, a blaze red #13 helmet with a chinstrap, and jersey pants. I would also like cleats, gloves, and a mouth guard. I think an Odell Beckham Jr. poster would look great in my room! See you soon! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I live in Lost Springs. We are getting ready for Christmas at my house. Does Rudolph ride your sleigh? I want a fluffy blanket, bootcut jeans, and my size is 10. I hope to see you soon! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

You know I love animals! How are all the reindeer? I really want a toy stable for all my toy horses! I would also like a hoodie with a horse on it. I guess you know how much I love horses. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am nice to everyone and my favorite holiday is Christmas. How many elves are there? I would like an Ariana Grande sweatshirt and an Ariana Grande album called Sweetener. Stay warm and have a good Christmas! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like football and all sports. I also like candy. I want a candy cane net launcher like the Grinch’s, $40, and a supreme hoodie. Is your hat magic? Come to my house, Santa and Mrs. Claus! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I go to school at Centre K-12. Are you making cookies? I want COD 4, Rainbow Six Sage, and Nike shoes size 4. Hope to see you soon. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am in 4th grade. Do you actually live in the North Pole? For Christmas I want a jet pack and a snowsuit. I hope you are all ready for Christmas! Your friend,

Samuel Rziha

Dear Santa,

I go to USD 397 Centre. I am in 4th grade. I like school, music, family, and art. How are you? Don’t get sick eating cookies and milk! I want a hoverboard. I would also want high heels. Thank you, Santa, for everything you have gotten me. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I’m 10 years old and I will make sure I will leave milk and cookies out for you. How old are you? I’m going to guess 3,878 years old. Am I on the naughty list? What I want for Christmas is a hoverboard, footed pj’s, and 20 TY’s. How are the reindeer and Mrs. Claus? Can you tell the reindeer I said “Hi”? Thanks Santa! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

My name is Micah Carlson. I was born on Dec. 9. How many elves do you have? I would like a drone and a hoverboard this year. I would also like new slides. Don’t forget my house! Your friend,

Micah Carlson

Dear Santa,

I really like the University of Kansas S t at e. Do you like to drink Sprite? I want the Bill Snyder Family Stadium Lego set and more K-State pj’s I hope you don’t get sick! Your friend,


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