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CENTRE: 3rd grade

third grade

Taught by Gail Lorson

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph doing? I want a Zoomer show pony. I also want a dog toy for Hattie (put it in the middle stocking, please). For mom, I want some frying pans. I want a paint horse.


Dear Santa

Hey, so what’s up in the North Pole? I want a hoverboard. My brother wants a robot I really hope you can do that for me. Has Mrs. Claus been helping? I also want a Cozmo. I think my brother should have Sapphires, that would be a great present. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph real? Do you really travel the whole world in one night? I want some make-up and Zoomer Meowzies Chic, a real pet cat. How are the elves and Mrs. Claus? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Is it fun being Santa? I really want an Apple watch for Christmas and I have helped around the house. Do you sleep a lot? Are your elves being naughty? Does it snow every day at the North Pole? Have a Happy Christmas. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How is it going? I think my mom should get a diffuser because she has a surgery. I think dad should get a Ram truck because his is bad. I want a Clemson Tigers football, a Star Wars Lego Movelience, Call of Duty, and Madden NFL because I am helping around the house. I think my brother wants a Wii. Your friend,


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