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CENTRE: 1st grade

first grade

Taught by Briana Methvin

Dear Santa,

I love you because you give us toys. I really love Legos. What kinds of toys do you like? I will put some cookies out for you this year. I really want a special bike this year. I love you and I really love my family. You are very special to me. Your friend,

Wylie Meyers

Dear Santa,

How cold is it at the North Pole? How many kids do you visit each year? How many chimneys do you go down? I have a lot of Legos at home. This year I would like a hoverboard, a drone, a Fitbit, a 40-bullet Nerf gun, a new bike, a new buggy, and a new game. Santa, you are very nice. I am good at math and I also do a lot of chores at home.

Aaron Carlson

Dear Santa,

I love Christmas. How many children do you have to visit this year? My favorite toy at home is my American Girl doll. I like your sleigh. This year I would like an L.O.L doll, a bike, and a dog. I love your toys. I love you, Santa. And please don’t forget to bring my brothers a present too. Your friend,

Zoey Svoboda

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the presents. How are the reindeer doing? I have four dogs at home. My favorite toy from last Christmas was a toy horse from my parents. This year can you bring me an American Girl doll? I also want ten Squishie toys. This year I am very good at cleaning my room. I also need to feed my cats and dogs every day. Thank you for remembering to bring me toys. Your friend,

Annalee Myer

Dear Santa,

I love your reindeer. I love getting presents from mom, dad, and you. I love having a new puppy at home. This year can you please bring me a stuffed pink unicorn? I also want sister for dolls and a toy horse. I love to play with toys. Thank you for bringing these toys to me. Your friend,

Hallie Ryff

Dear Santa,

You are the best! How many reindeer pull your sleigh? I love my family. Can you bring everyone in my family a present this year? Can you please bring Kash a dinosaur? Can you please bring Hayden a baby doll? And last, can you please bring me some Shopkin dolls? Santa, I am really good at math in the first grade this year. Thank you for bringing these presents to my family. Your friend,

Isabel Antoszy

Dear Santa,

Thank you for Christmas Eve. Is it cold at the North Pole? I like everything you gave me last year. This year I would like a remote-control semi-truck with CI trailer. Also, a remote-control car. I really love Christmas. Santa, I will be good the rest of the year. Your friend,

Rhett Noet

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