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Cats make entertaining companions

Staff writer

Tomfoolery aside, Tom and Velcro enjoy their life as mascots of the Animal Health Center in Marion, sometimes a little too much according to veterinary technician Steph Jensen.

“Tom, the darker one, he is 15-years-old and kind of grumpy sometimes. Someone has to help him get up and down off the counter these days, but he loves visitors,” she said. “Now, Velcro, he really likes to tease the bigger dogs that come in. He gets all fluffed up and growls at them like he is a big shot.”

Jensen said the vet office took in Tom when his elderly owner could no longer care for him.

“His favorite place is underneath the counter in a box,” she said. “But when customers come in he likes to get up and see what is going on.”

It is never hard to find Velcro, a white cat with some orange markings, during office hours he makes it a point to be front and center of all attention if possible.

“Our groomer, Lori (Tajchman) raised Velcro and his five siblings on bottles,” Jensen said. “We adopted all of them out, but Velcro’s owner brought him back because he was so destructive. He likes to take things and then play with them until they get lost.”

Among Velcro’s favorite office toys are pens, pencils, and erasers. When not chasing something or entertaining customers, Velcro can be found lounging behind the computer or hiding out in the back offices.

“They really don’t do much as far as catching mice or anything here,” Jensen said. “But staff and clients really enjoy them. They greet just about everyone that comes in.”

Last modified April 18, 2013