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Caring is vet’s greatest strength

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New Spur Ridge Veterinary Hospital veterinarian Cade Moses describes himself as a steward of animals.

What he means is sometimes caring more about animals than about his own well-being.

Moses grew up on a ranch near Colby. During the winter, every member of his family went out during snowstorms to secure cattle inside of the warm barn.

“If it’s a blizzard, you don’t get to go inside and drink hot cocoa,” he said.

That’s Moses communion with large animals. He understands that world because he was a part of it. One of the reasons the recent Kansas State University graduate appealed to Spur Ridge owner Brendan Kraus is his love for dogs and cats, too.

Moses and his wife of six years, Tiffany, have four yellow labs — Icon, Izzy, Ellie, and Zeke — at their Herington home.

“Some women collect shoes,” he said. “My wife collects dogs.”

He understands the emotional connection people have with their pets. When he arrives home after working with animals all day at Spur Ridge, his dogs greet him with a 30-minute sniff fest.

“They think I’m cheating on them,” he said. “How dare you play with other dogs.”

The point is — Moses cares about animals and people. This is the main reason Kraus was interested in hiring Moses full-time. Moses had previously worked for Spur Ridge the summer of his senior year in more of an internship capacity. It would seem as though caring would be a fundamental part of being a veterinarian, but Kraus said it is a trait that cannot be taken for granted.

“That’s not something you can learn,” Kraus said.

Moses said he is interested in providing the best quality medicine that he can. That means going through a few extra details. For ranchers, he wants to work with producers on strategies. For example, putting cows in the right position before breeding and precisely diagnosing pregnancy.

“It’s important that each cow has a calf,” he said. “The goal is we try to make sure we have provided the best quality of life.”

He also works with people concerning family pets as well. Spur Ridge has up to date radiology, dentistry, and ultra sound equipment.

“Some clinics still get by on equipment from 20 years ago,” Moses said. “(Kraus) invests back into his practice.”

On the patient level, Moses said it is Spur Ridge policy to always conduct an exam even if an animal is in the office for a simple vaccination.

Kraus said Spur Ridge and Moses are a good fit. He thinks Moses and Marion will make a good fit, too.

Tiffany Moses works as a vet in Junction City. They split the difference between their two jobs by living in Herington. Both coming from Colby, they’re interested in living in a small rural town.

“That was at the top of my list,” Moses said.

They are also about to start a family. Tiffany is six months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

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