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Car thefts point to leaving keys in car

Staff writer

Recent car thefts have been reported in Hillsboro and nearby in the county have one common element: Keys were left in the cars.

As recently as Friday and Sunday, cars were stolen from Hillsboro.

Assistant police chief Jessey Hiebert said thefts were reported May 9, May 16, May 17, May 18, May 21, May 23, and two thefts were reported June 8.

Some of the cars were stolen twice. In all cases, the thieves kept the car keys, Hiebert said.

All cars have been recovered.

Most were recovered in Hillsboro, but one was in the county, one in Wichita, and another was being driven in Lawrence by a Wichita resident, Hiebert said.

“What I’m thinking is, the biggest problem here is that people are not locking their doors and taking the keys,” Hiebert said. “Keeping the car key anywhere inside the car and the car unlocked, I’m thinking they’re taking it for a joyride.”

Hiebert advised people to protect themselves by taking their keys and locking their cars.

“We always tell people to protect themselves,” Hiebert said. “We’re here to help but do things to protect themselves.”

Sheriff Rob Craft said several cars had been stolen in the county over the last three weeks. Some are still missing, and others have been recovered as far away as Wichita and Hutchinson.

“They were all with keys left in the cars,” Craft said. “The thefts are happening more on the west side of the county.”

The thefts have happened both during daylight hours and at night, Craft said. In all of the cases, nobody has seen anyone take the cars.

“The best thing I can say is, lock your car and take the keys,” Craft said.

Last modified June 14, 2018