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Canton-Galva defeats Warriors

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Peabody-Burns High School football homecoming 2011 ended on a low note with a 26-12 loss to Canton-Galva. The Friday night loss gives the Warriors a record of 2-1. The team will have a road contest Friday at Hope.

The Warriors’ defense was first on the field for the home squad, with the Eagles’ 15-yard line as the line of scrimmage. The Eagles had a 14-yard completion on first down. Warrior defensive plays by Brent Jones, Xavier Jabary, Brody Kyle, and Braxton Kyle pushed the Canton-Galva squad back to the Eagle 25-yard line and forced a punt. The punt was received but fumbled on the return and recovered by the Eagles.

The PBHS defense mounted another attack with stops by Lucas Larsen, Wes Shaw, Austin Savage, Brent Jones, Braxton Kyle again stopped the drive and forced a punt from midfield.

The first Warriors’ offensive series started with a Braxton Kyle run from the Warrior 22-yard line. Savage earned a new set of downs on a left side second down run. PBHS offense stalled however and the drive was halted with a fumble on a pitch out to the running back.

The second Warrior defensive stand was a good one, allowing no forward progress. Larsen and Brody Kyle defended on a third-and-30 screen pass at the Canton-Galva 16-yard line and forced an Eagle punt from their own 27-yard line.

The next offensive series for the home team covered 35 yards with runs from Braxton Kyle and Savage. The Warriors, however, turned the ball over on fourth-and-8 at the Eagle 23.

The Warriors’ defense, led by a sack from Jones and stops by Jabary and Brody Kyle, ended the next CGHS drive. Canton-Galva punted from its own 10-yard-line just seconds into the second quarter.

PBHS offense on the next series included runs by Savage and catches by the Kyle brothers. Eagle defense stopped the PBHS squad at the Eagle 15 with an interception of a Warrior pass.

After the Warriors’ defense again pinned the Eagles deep in their own territory, the Canton-Galva team punted. Savage returned the ball to the Warriors’ 38.

With 7:23 left on the clock in the second quarter, Savage gained 4 yards on first down. Braxton Kyle gained 4 on second down, and Savage earned a first down on a third-and-2 through the middle. A first down pass from Matt Hiebert fell incomplete. Braxton Kyle took the hand-off on second down headed for the right sideline but then took off for the left corner of the Eagle endzone. Kyle’s 50-yard scamper earned the PBHS squad its first score of the contest. The 2-point conversion run failed, but PBHS got the first score, 6-0, with 5:18 left in the first half.

Savage kicked off to the Eagles and they set up offense at their own 39-yard line. Savage dropped the quarterback on a first-down run. Braxton Kyle stopped the run on second down. The Eagle quarterback called a keeper on third-and-11 at the 38 and ran right up the middle of the field for a score. The conversion failed but the Eagles tied the game at 6 with less than four minutes left in the half.

The PBHS offense had one more chance and moved the ball to the Eagle red-zone. Hiebert completed a screen pass on fourth-and-9, but it was not enough for a first down. The Warriors turned over the ball on the Eagle 8-yard line with 34 seconds left in the half. Canton-Galva took a knee and ran out the time on the clock.

The second-half Eagle kick-off sailed into the Warrior endzone. PBHS offense went to work at its own 15.

Savage gained 11 on two downs to move the ball to the Warrior 26. Runs by Savage and Braxton Kyle and an Eagle holding call moved the ball to the Eagle 25. Savage gained 7 on first down and Braxton Kyle got the call on the next two downs. An Eagle face-mask call aided the PBHS offense and placed the ball on the Eagle 6. Savage ran on first down. On second-and-goal at the 6, Hiebert found Brody Kyle in the endzone for the score. The conversion run failed, but PBHS led, 12-6, with 6:18 left in the third quarter.

The next score of the game came with an Eagle pass over the Warrior defense. The 61-yard score tied the game at 12. The conversion failed but the game was even with 2:23 left in the third period.

Early in the fourth quarter, Canton-Galva broke the tie with a run from the Warrior 12. The conversion pass added 2. The Eagles took their first lead in the contest, 20-12, with 11:43 left in the fourth.

Late in the fourth from the Eagle 31, Canton-Galva got one more touchdown on the scoreboard. PBHS offense did not score gain in the game. PBHS lost, 26-12.

Hiebert was 8 for 22 with 113 yards and two passing touchdowns. Seth Topham caught two passes for 50 yards. Braxton Kyle caught two balls for 38 yards and a touchdown. Brody Kyle had two receptions for 16 yards and a touchdown.

Savage caught one ball for 8 yards.

Rushing yards included Savage with 21 carries for 130 yards. Braxton Kyle had 12 carries for 18 yards.

Tackles: Shaw, 6; Larsen, 5.5; Braxton Kyle, 5; Jabary, 4; Savage, 3.5; Brody Kyle, 2.5; Jones, 2; Gard, 1.5.

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