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Candidates, voters take notice: Political signs not allowed by polling sites

All’s not fair in love, war, and politics.

And during this election year, candidates are reminded to abide by county and state laws.

Marion County Clerk Carol Maggard said election signs cannot be within 250 feet of an entrance of any polling place, including Marion County Courthouse.

On Nov. 4, voters cannot wear any clothing, or display any stickers or signs within that same 250-foot radius.

Maggard said she will check polling sites prior to opening to assure the state statute has not been violated. She advises candidates to remove signs prior to that time.

No stickers on ballots

Another “no-no” for Marion County voters is placing pre-typed labels on ballots for write-in candidates because the stickers will jam the electronic ballot counter.

Maggard, who also is the county election clerk, said each ballot will be carefully scrutinized by election staff and write-ins will be counted if the voter’s intent is known.

Advance ballots

Advance voting will begin Oct. 16 and will be available until Oct. 31.

Voters must apply for an advance ballot prior to voting at the courthouse or to have a ballot sent to them via U.S. mail.

Applications also are available at the county website,

All applications and ballots are due at the courthouse by noon Nov. 3.

Last modified Oct. 8, 2008