• Last modified 3072 days ago (March 24, 2011)


Call scam hits Marion

Police: Do not give any information

Marion Police Chief Josh Whitwell was warning residents Wednesday to not give information to callers.

A rash of calls were being made to local residents Wednesday asking for personal information.

“Someone is hacking into local phone numbers and claiming to be able to offer lower credit card rates,” he said. “The residents with the phone numbers probably aren’t even aware it’s going on.”

The scammers are using local phone numbers, which show up on caller identification, making the victim believe it’s a local business.

“When someone you do not know asks for personal information, ignore them,” Whitwell said. “Do not give them any information.”

If a victim has provided information to a con artist, contact the police department at (620) 382-2651.

Last modified March 24, 2011