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Butler offers fun day classes

A free day of classes will be offered April 6 in Marion by Butler Community College, 412 N. Second St.

8:30-9:35 a.m.

  • “KW’s Workout for Kids and Parents,” with certified fitness instructor Karen Williams, Room 202.
  • “Financial Planning for Women,” Room 203.
  • “Beautiful Dogs,” with a professional dog groomer, Room 201.
  • “Quilting with the Half-Square Triangle and Other Piecing Techniques,” by Carol Riggs, Room 102.
  • “Computer Safety and Maintenance,” Room 103.
  • “Native American Flint-Knapping,” by Gary Schuler, Room 100.
  • “Visiting Civil War Battlefields and Prisons,” by Max Terman, author of the Civil War history novel, “Hiram’s Honor,” Room 101.

9:45-10:50 a.m.

  • “Bread Baking Primer,” by Mary Beth Bowers, Room 201.
  • “Meet Officer Raven, Police Dog,” by police officer Mike Stone, Room 202.
  • “KPERS-Papers,” by Coleen Koop, financial planner, Room 203.
  • “More Yarn Than You Can Shake a Stick At,” by Karen Ehrlich, Room 102.
  • “Going to College,” by Amy Kjellin, Room 102A.
  • “A DIY Guide to Laying Ceramic Tile,” by Lucas King, Room 100.
  • “Digital Scrapbooks,” by Lisa Johnson, Room 101.
  • “Navigating the Internet for Shopping, E-mail and News,” by Margaret Pickering, Room 103.

11:00 a.m. to 12:05 p.m.

  • “Facebook, Twitter — What’s It All About?,” by Laura Legg, Room 103.
  • “A Little Bit of Zumba,” by Karen Williams, Room 202.
  • “I am NOT going to go to the Nursing Home!!,” by Coleen Koop, financial planner, Room 203.
  • “Basic Car Care for Women,” by Barry Allen, Room 201.
  • “Canning from the Garden, by Norma Horinek,” Room 100.
  • “Card Making for Any Occasion,” by Rita Tomlinson, Room 101.
  • “Rags to Rugs,” by Karen Ehrlich, Room 102.

Special Event — 10 a.m. to noon, big trucks and tractors at Marion High School football field.

To register, go to

Last modified March 14, 2013