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Jim and Ramona Carselowery of Douglas were lunch guests of Lawrence and Lois Sayers on Jan. 20. They are longtime friends of the Sayers family.

Al and Bonnie Plummer joined Ben and Jean Plummer, Ron and June Ford, and Kay Hall in Wichita on Jan. 21. They had supper to celebrate Ben and Jean’s anniversary.

On Jan. 22, dinner guests of Renferd and Wanda Koehn and Lonnie were Jerald and Regina Koehn, Tanya, Jon, and Nathan Koehn.

Jen Stucky was an overnight guest of her mother, Marie Clark, on Jan. 21. They attended church in Burns on Jan. 22 and then went to Martin and Peg Van der Weg’s for dinner. Peg took them to Wichita, and they visited Joyce Barker, who is slowly improving. Marie was an overnight guest of Jen and Peg brought her back home on Jan. 23.

James Olberbing and Joyce Kyle attended the Senior Citizen’s County Board meeting in Hillsboro on Jan. 20.

Dorene Kirkpatrick and Joyce Kyle went to Newton on Jan. 24 and called on Kathleen Brenzikofer. They took a baby blanket they quilted for her to show her. Kathleen had embroidered it for Cayanne Brenzikofer, and on the way home, Dorene and Joyce stopped at Nathan, Angie, and Cayanne’s to present it to her.

Last modified Feb. 2, 2012