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Burns church becomes independent

Staff writer

The former Burns United Methodist Church is now Burns Cornerstone Bible Church.

Pastor James Helzer said the congregation’s disaffiliation from the United Methodist denomination began about two years ago and is larger than a recent schism within the denomination over the role of gays in the church. Their dissatisfaction stems from its teachings on a number of issues, he said.

“This is an ongoing transition,” Helzer said.

The Burns congregation grew concerned over teachings in both the United Methodist seminary and the Conference. The Great Plains Conference is the regional jurisdiction of the denomination and the Global Conference is the worldwide jurisdiction of the denomination.

Burns church members do not agree with what they see as a continuing trend to move away from the authority of the scriptures, Helzer said.

The Burns church’s view on that the Bible true and is to be followed, he said. bThe 40 to 50 members of the congregation decided to form an independent, non-denominational church.

“The decision to start this process was in September of last year,” he said. “It’s been a very slow process in which we’ve sought legal counsel and legal representation. We picked our time and did our diligence.”

He described the church’s statement of beliefs as very conservative, orthodox and evangelical in nature.

The congregation wants to comply with a description found in the second chapter of the book of Acts, which defines the establishment of the church as for the purpose of fellowship, instruction, prayer, and advancement of the Kingdom of God with Christ at the head of the church. It should provide for the needs of people throughout the world, Helzer said.

He said the United Methodist denomination has been mired in “pointless and endless debate” and he does not believe it will stop anytime soon.

“The discord takes away from the mission of the church,” Helzer said.

Sunday morning services begin at 9 a.m. and Sunday School follows the worship service.

Last modified Sept. 12, 2019