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Brookens seeks input from voters

Staff writer

Kansas 70th District Rep. Bob Brookens was in Peabody Saturday morning for a question and answer period with about two dozen constituents from the community.

Peabody Economic Development Council hosted the event at Legacy Park.

Brookens reviewed the results of a survey he sent to district voters several weeks ago. He told the group in attendance how the state ended up in the financial straits it is in and what he feels will end up as the chosen method of increasing funding for state programs.

“I think it will be a combination of a half-cent sales tax, and the proposed tobacco tax and alcohol tax,” he said.

He indicated his own preference would be a balanced proposal pulling funds from increased sales, property, and income taxes.

“But I am representing the people who filled out the questionnaire I sent and they were pretty adamant about wanting the sales tax and ‘sin’ taxes,” he said. “That seems to be a popular sentiment.”

Brookens also touched on the cuts to nursing homes, mental health facilities, highways, and education.

Brookens urged everyone in the 70th district to stay in touch with him and keep him informed about their concerns.

“It is my job,” he said, “to know what you want and to represent you in Topeka.”

Last modified March 17, 2010