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Boys defeat Chase County, lose to Berean

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The Peabody-Burns High School Warriors boys’ basketball team ended the season in a second round sub-state contest. A 48-39 win over Chase County on Feb. 28 put the team into the second round with Berean that ended with a 43-33 loss for the PBHS squad. The Warriors finished the season 9-13.

PBHS 48, Chase County 39

Chase County had the advantage 12-10 at the end of the first quarter. Christian Gard and Hunter Pickens each recorded 3 points in the period. Brody Kyle and Austin Savage each had 2.

PBHS had a better second quarter and outscored the competition 14-10. With one second left, a Pickens 3/4-court shot on an inbounds pass found the basket and put the Warriors up, 24-22, at halftime.

Pickens and Matt Hiebert each scored 5 in the period. Seth Topham and Gard each added 2.

All was even in the third with both offenses adding 9 points. Savage led with 4. Wesley Shaw had 3, and Hiebert added 2. PBHS hung on to the lead, 33-31.

PBHS offense shined in the fourth with the addition of 15. Hiebert led with 7. Topham had 4. Savage had 3, and Gard added 1. Chase County scored 8. PBHS took the first round win, 48-39.

Hiebert led the team with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Savage had 9 points and 6 rebounds. Pickens and Kyle each recorded 4 rebounds.


Hiebert, 14; Savage, 9; Pickens, 8; Gard, 6; Topham, 6; Shaw, 3; Kyle, 2.

Berean 43, PBHS 33

Berean led, 13-11, at the end of the first period. PBHS offense had 5 from Savage and 2 each from Hiebert, Topham, and Kyle.

Only 2 each from Gard and Hiebert left the PBHS team with a 5-point disadvantage at the half. Berean led, 20-15.

A basket advantage went to Berean in the third and they led 30-23 at the end of the quarter. Hiebert led with 5. Kyle scored 2 and Savage had 1.

Berean outscored PBHS 13-10 in the fourth. Pickens led with 5. Savage added 4 and Kyle added 1. PBHS lost 43-33.

Pickens had 5 rebounds in the contest. Hiebert and Savage each recorded 4.


Savage, 10; Hiebert, 9; Pickens, 5; Kyle, 5; Gard, 2; Topham, 2.

Last modified March 8, 2012