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Boys' basketball team struggles at Marion

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The Peabody-Burns Warriors came out of the Marion Classic with one win and two losses. Thursday, the team lost to Eureka 70-48. Friday, the squad bounced back to earn a victory over Remington, 46-41. Berean defeated PBHS in round three 67-30. The team will have two road games prior to the Christmas break, traveling to Burrton and Berean.


Both offenses had success in the first quarter. Braxton Kyle led PBHS scoring with 11 points, including three 3-pointers. Xavier Jabary added a basket and a free throw. Garret Schroeder also got on the board with one from the line. PBHS led 15-14 at the end of the period.

With another quarter of even play, Eureka had the 31-29 edge at halftime. Junior Edmondson and Jabary each scored four in the period. Vince Newman and Schroeder each added three.

Eureka outscored PBHS 20-11 and led 51-40 at the end of three. Kyle scored six points. Kevin Baatrup and Schroeder each had two.

Nineteen points from Eureka sealed the loss for the PBHS squad. Newman added three in the final quarter. Jabary and Kaden Gibson each had two. Schroeder contributed a free throw.

Jabary had eight rebounds in the contest. Schroeder finished with six.


Kyle, 17; Jabary, 9; Schroeder, 7; Newman, 6; Edmondson, 5; Baatrup, 2; and Gibson, 2.


PBHS took the lead 10-7 at the end of the first quarter. Edmondson, Kyle, Newman, Schroeder and Gibson each made a 2-point basket.

While Remington had the one-point edge for offensive production in the quarter, PBHS still led 20-18 at the half. Kyle paced the team with six points. Jabary and Schroeder each added two.

Both offenses ended the third quarter with 12 each. Newman led with six points. Edmondson, Jabary and Gibson each had two. PBHS had the 32-30 edge going into the fourth.

PBHS held Remington to 11 in the fourth and scored 14. Jabary had six points for the team in the final quarter. Kyle followed with 5. Newnan added 2 and Schroeder got a free throw.

Baatrup, Kyle and Schroeder each had 4 rebounds.


Kyle, 13; Newman, 10; Jabary, 10; Schroeder, 5; Gibson, 4; and Edmondson, 4.


Berean’s offense took control in the first quarter, scoring 25 points. With only 9 points, PBHS trailed by 16 at the end of the quarter. Schroeder led with four points. Kyle added a 3-pointer and Newman had two.

With only two from Newman and Jabary, the PBHS offense struggled again in the second quarter. Berean added 23 and led 48-25. Kyle added five in the second half. Edmondson followed with four. Jabary, Schroeder, Nick Preheim and Gibson each added two. PBHS lost to Berean 67-30.

Edmondson grabbed four rebounds. Jabary, Kyle and Gibson each had two.


Kyle, 8; Schroeder, 6; Edmondson, 4; Jabary, 4; Newman, 4; Preheim, 2; and Gibson, 2.

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