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Boys basketball coach enjoying second season

Staff writer

Tabor College has a strong presence in the Peabody-Burns district, especially in basketball.

Along with girls coach Scott Bauer, boys coach Caleb Good also attended Tabor College, having graduated in 2008 with a business degree.

Good said that the “passion for the game, enjoying working with the guys, and trying to make a difference in kids’ lives” is what made him want to be a coach in the first place.

However, Good was not looking forward to the normal route of a high school basketball coach.

“I’ve always wanted to coach,” Good said, “but I wasn’t necessarily excited for the teaching side.”

Once Good started his job at Avery Insurance Agency in Peabody, the doors of opportunity opened up for him.

“When I started the insurance job, the assistant coaching job opened up,” Good said, “so I was able to hop in on it.”

Good was assistant coach for six years before becoming head coach two seasons ago.

Good has enjoyed his time as head coach, and even though the team may be 0-15, Good said the boys’ reaction to this season is one of the reasons why he is proud to be their coach.

“I think the neatest thing is we preach all the time that when things are going well, it’s easy for someone’s personality to be smiling and thinking life is good,” Good said, “but when you lose a lot, it says a lot of the character of the guys to show up to practice. It’s not easy to do when you keep getting beat, so I think that’s highly commendable for them.”

Last modified Feb. 11, 2016