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Box top collections bring $2,883 to schools

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County schools are cashing in on box tops collected through the Box Tops for Education program to the tune of $2,883.

General Mills started the program in 1996 to help support education and benefit America’s schools.

Goessel students will be going on their annual trip to the dinosaur park in Derby on their box top proceeds.

“Our box tops pay for the trip,” administrative assistant Denise Nickel said.

In the past, Goessel students have been able to attend a play, go to a science museum, and watch a ballet.

Goessel elementary received $804 in 2018.

Hillsboro’s $382 was used to purchase a big screen touch television for the elementary.

Fourth grade teacher Heather Corby and her students will be in charge of collection this year.

As part of the initial program, box tops were only available on select Big G cereals. Over the next four years, the company added Pillsbury, Old El Paso, and Green Giant brands.

In 2006, non-food brands began to participate — Ziploc, Hefty, Kleenex, and Scott.

The $300 received by Centre schools was used for a variety of items.

“The money goes into our PTO fund, then we buy what is needed,” PTO president Michelle Hajek said.

They have purchased playground equipment and provided free snow cones at school field days.

Jennifer Young, box top coordinator at Peabody-Burns elementary, said their money buys recess equipment and helps fund field trips. Last year they received $470.

The tops are handled differently at Marion Elementary. Volunteer Marge Sandberg said funds are returned to the teachers to purchase what they want and need.

“What they collect, they get money back for,” Sandberg said. They received $927.

Whether people aren’t purchasing name brand products or have simply forgotten to cut the small squares from items, collection has gone down significantly.

Three of the school coordinators said box tops contributions have decreased over the last few years. They thank those who have turned in box tops, and hope others will start collecting box tops again to support county schools.

Last modified Feb. 28, 2019