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Boats will be checked

Marion County is serious about keeping zebra mussels out of the county lake.

Marion County Commission reviewed a resolution Monday that was prepared by Marion County Attorney Susan Robson that would impose a stiff fine and jail sentencing for those who do not follow the rules regarding checking in watercraft and having those vessels inspected for mollusks.

With some tweaking of the fine, which only can be a maximum of $1,000 instead of $1,500 as the commission wanted, and a final review by county lake superintendent Steve Hudson, the commission should approve the law at Monday’s meeting.

According to Robson, there is no state statute at this point regarding prohibiting exotic species in the Kansas waterways but there is a federal law which the county can implement through “home rule.”

Zebra mussels were found at Marion Reservoir and county officials are taking evasive action to keep the mollusks from entering the county lake.

To show its support, Marion County Improvement District #2, that distributes water and sewer services to county lake residents, will provide water for a wash station and a sewer line from a drain to a grinder pump for the water run-off from the wash station.

The commission expressed its gratitude to the district for its contribution

Last modified Aug. 20, 2008