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The voice on the phone may be trying to scam you

Staff writer

Another scam to part bank customers from their money is making its rounds. Don Noller of Marion National Bank said his bank has received notification from its data processor that four banks have called about scam attempts on debit cards.

Cardholders receive calls on their cell phones telling them their debit cards have been blocked by their bank. They are asked to enter their debit card number to clear up the matter.

“The thing that many card holders don’t realize is that it’s not the bank calling them because the bank already has their card number,” Noller said. “As soon as the card number is punched in, the scammer has the number,” he added.

Noller said the information he received indicated that most of the calls are going to Verizon phones.

“Anyone getting a call like this should hang up and call the phone number on the back of the debit card or just call their bank,” Noller said. “Doing either will let them check on the status of their card without compromising their card number.”

Last modified March 6, 2013