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Be a good neighbor -- vote

We all try to be good neighbors. Most of us don’t intentionally do things to adversely affect our neighbors.

We rally around those in need.

We keep our lawns mowed and don’t intentionally blow our lawn clippings into our neighbors’ yards.

We don’t have loud parties until all hours of the night because we know it will disturb whom? That’s right. Our neighbors.

Most of us know the comings and goings of our neighbors which can be good because if something is wrong, we’ll be able to spot it. That’s being a good neighbor.

Being a good neighbor also means voting. If we care enough about community and county issues, we should express our wishes by voting.

This presidential election year has been interesting and tiring. Most of us cannot wait until the election passes so we don’t have to hear the rhetoric on our televisions and radios. However, it is an important election.

County commission elections, the jail bond question, and other county positions all are important elections.

It’s interesting that often times the ones who complain the loudest are the ones who never vote.

Here’s your chance to be heard. Express your opinion in the most significant way possible where every vote matters and is counted.

Vote Nov. 4!

— Susan berg

Last modified Oct. 22, 2008