• Last modified 2536 days ago (Sept. 13, 2012)


BBB tells of prize scam

After a Peabody woman was nearly swindled out of $2,000 by someone falsely claiming she won a prize, the Better Business Bureau of Kansas offered several warning signs that a “prize” might be a scam.

Roberta Namee, director of media and investigations for the Better Business Bureau, said legitimate sweepstakes companies don’t call out of the blue, and they never require payment to give someone a prize they’ve won.

“You shouldn’t have to pay before getting your winnings,” Namee said. “That’s a big red flag.”

Another warning sign is if the person calling is insistent on taking care of the matter immediately.

“Tell them you want to think about it, and hang up,” Namee said. “Try not to get wrapped up in a conversation with them.”

Last modified Sept. 13, 2012