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Band students excel at festival

Peabody-Burns Junior High band and Peabody-Burns Elementary School sixth grade band competed March 10 in the Heart of America League Music Festival at Ell-Saline.

The combined sixth through eighth-grade band performed “Korean Folk Song Medley” and “Winchester Chronicles” for three judges and received three 1ratings, outstanding.

Students performed solos and ensembles. Those who received 1 ratings were Saje Bayes, trumpet solo; Alyssa Brooks and McKenzie Ensminger, alto saxophone solos; Brandee Burnett, clarinet solo; Seth Topham, baritone saxophone solo; Cierra Foth, Jordan Gibson, and Ashley Weems, flute solos; woodwind ensemble of Burnett, Harms, Lily Harris, Ensminger, Brooks, and Topham; and saxophone trio of Ensminger, Brooks, and Topham.

Those who received a 2 rating were Kendra Harms, clarinet solo and flute trio of Foth, Gibson, and Weems.

Steven D. Glover is band director. Cindy Harms also attended the festival as a sponsor.

Last modified March 18, 2009