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Bald eagle is storm’s latest victim

Staff writer

A bald eagle, found near Elmdale five days after tornadoes struck April 19, died Sunday despite efforts of a wildlife rehabilitation center near Linwood.

Operation Wildlife executive director Diane Johnson said the eagle died from complications of blood loss and infection even though it was receiving antibiotics.

“He had a lot of damage to his internal organs,” Johnson said. “We’re very sad we lost him.”

Volunteer Bill Whinery said the eagle, found with a broken wing and an open wound, was in poor condition when a game warden brought it to the facility.

“It had been on the ground for five days with an open wound and nothing to eat and drink,” he said.

The wound was infected.

Veterinarians surgically pinned together the broken bones of the bird’s wing.

The rehabilitation center had expected to have the eagle as long as 2½ to 3 months.

Had it survived, it would have been taken back to the same place it was found.

Last modified May 4, 2023