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Balancing Act

Flowers are the sweetest things

Staff writer

I cannot grow them, but I love to look at them — beautiful flowers are finally blooming all around and I just cannot seem to get enough. Purple phlox, red tulips, blue irises, and golden dandelions seem to be everywhere I look, finally. It seemed we had to wait a bit for the flowers of spring to make an appearance this year, but it was worth the wait.

A fellow staff member at work commented that I put flower pictures on the server — again. I do admit that I love to take a few filler flower photos every week, just in case we have a space for them. Surely, I am not the only one who enjoys the colorful beauty springing forth on every yard and around every corner.

I think it is so important to enjoy flowers when opportunity presents, because flowers are one of those things that are “here today and gone tomorrow.”

I have learned, in taking pictures of flowers, that if I do not stop the moment I see something beautiful and take a picture, it will likely be gone or changed the next time I pass by the same place.

In my opinion, God placed flowers on earth to inspire us, to uplift our thoughts on a heavy day, to remind us to praise him always and forever.

There are so many little clichés about flowers that are also appropriate for people to remember in life. Some of my favorites include, “Bloom where you are planted”, or “All the flowers of today are from the seeds of yesterday,” or “Take time to smell the roses,” or “Bread feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul.”

I could go on and on about flowers, I love them that much, but sadly, I am not any good at growing them.

I planted tulips once, but my dog dug them up. I tried irises, but my goats ate them. I have planted zinnias but the husband mowed them off .

About the only flowers I have ever been able to grow are surprise lilies and dandelions. The surprise lilies survive being driven on, getting mowed off, and being trompled by our mastiff dog. The amazing thing is, every year, no matter what hardships they have endured, they spring up with a beautiful flower after the foliage has died down to non-existence. That is so cool.

I also really admire dandelions. I know most people consider them obnoxious weeds, but the bright yellow of their flowers is almost unreal when studied up close. Bees love dandelions, and they have such fun little puff balls of seeds. I have even eaten a dandelion green salad a few times, and liked it.

Dandelions and all other flowers are truly gifts from God, and meant to be enjoyed whenever possible.

As Henry Beecher said in 1858, “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made.”

Last modified May 9, 2013