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ATV complaints rising

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke said Monday that he has had a dramatic increase in the number of complaints about citizens abusing the alternative vehicle privilege the Peabody City Council approved two years ago.

“We have heard from more concerned citizens in the past month or two,” he said. “They are seeing violations of traffic ordinances by people driving all-terrain vehicles.”

Burke noted that when an all-terrain vehicles have only one seat, the vehicle is meant to accommodate only the driver.

“This especially means no children being held by an adult or an older child,” he said. “If there is only one seat, only person can be on the ATV.”

He also cautioned that anyone driving an ATV in a reckless manner with little or no regard for public safety or property values is a candidate for a ticket.

“And individuals driving an ATV or a golf cart must have a valid driver’s license,” he added. “If they have the license and the golf cart has a second seat they can drive with a passenger. But they cannot use the cargo area in the back of the cart for passengers.”

Burke said that what it boils down to is that people driving alternative vehicles need to obey the traffic laws the same as someone driving a car or a truck.

For more information, contact Peabody police at (620) 983-2133 or the city building at (620) 983-2174.

Last modified July 13, 2011