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Annual letter to Santa

Hi Santa,

As always I enjoy writing to you when we publish the letters from the primary grade students at Peabody-Burns Elementary school. Since you know that I am older than dirt, I wonder if you can remember some of my early letters. Somehow, my mother got a hold of many of them and saved them in a big box with other papers from my childhood. Imagine that, Santa! I am flummoxed that she would have been able to save them when I know I mailed them to you. Life can be a mystery, can it not? And I am no longer disappointed that I didn’t get that bride doll in 1953…honest!

I bet you know what is on my list so I won’t spend much time talking about it. (Psssst…just in case you might have forgotten, world peace and a blue sweater still are the things I most would like to find under the tree.) I am sure that you and the elves are working hard on world peace and I don’t envy you the task, but do you think you could ratchet it up just a bit? I worry that things might spiral out of control. I will leave that and the blue sweater in your capable hands, Santa.

I am asking this year that you leave some pamphlets on flag etiquette in several Peabody stockings. As you probably heard, we had quite a skirmish here in the summer over some bad behavior with the flags at Prairie Lawn Cemetery during the Memorial Day weekend. I’m sure you also know which homes need to receive the information about proper respect for the flag. Thank you, Santa, and that is all I am going to say about that.

Now this might be a tough one, because I don’t even know if you and the elves have the technological training to make such an item and I think we need millions of them — soon! I would like people all across this country, but especially here in Kansas, to receive an IGNORE button. This might take some doing, I know, but I think if everyone had such a button and pushed it every time the Fred Phelps clan showed up to protest another funeral the F.P. clan might just disappear. What do you think? Can we poll the elves and see if they still have time for this project? Really, Santa, I think this one would be bigger than Cabbage Patch dolls or Elmo.

I would like for you to bring extra goodies to the many sincere volunteers and donors in Peabody and the surrounding area. As you know we have wonderful people who are truly committed to giving locally and making a difference in the lives of people who live here. Could you make sure their Christmas wishes come true?

And please don’t forget my five regular readers. While I have to admit that I am a bit put out with them for hounding me to get on with the business of writing an opinion column, I also acknowledge that they are probably right. It is time to just suck it up and get back to work. Probably…maybe. Anyway, in case they are right, please stuff their stockings with extra goodies.

My family and I have had an extra measure of love and support from many good friends this year and they certainly are on my list, Santa. If you could bring them an abundance of appreciation, some of the hugs you have tucked under the seat of the sleigh, and the knowledge that they made a difference for us, I would be ever so grateful.

And finally, when you read this week’s Peabody Gazette-Bulletin, please take note of the letters from our youngsters. They are a wonder and they are among your biggest fans. I bet they all leave you cookies and milk! Please pay close attention to their letters and do your best, Santa. And if you have extra hugs, understanding, or caring in the sleigh, please share it with those who need it most. Thanks, Santa. As always, you are just the best!

— Susan Marshall

Last modified Dec. 23, 2010