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Ann Hiebert's GES second-grade class

Ann Hiebert’s Goessel Elementary School second-grade class

Dear Santa,

Why are Christmas trees pine trees? I want a Chima Lego set, the lion one, and I want a model car, and a Transformer. I have blond hair and blue eyes. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am good at football. I want Legos, a compound bow, and a new radio. Are you tired? From your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like all kinds of food. I would like to have a TV and an iPad. How many elves do you have? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am 8 years old. I have been a good girl this year. What am I getting for Christmas? I want dark colored markers, a big pad of paper, coloring sheets of paper. You are my friend Santa. I want pencils, Band-a-Loom, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I want my mom and dad to have a lot of presents too. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

What do you do if your sick on Christmas? Do you like to gon on vacation? Here is my Christmas list: I want a new Nerf gun, more bullets, new gloves, Legos, Widgets, remote control helicopter, new race car track, hot wheels, snow boots, kids iPad. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like to swim and play outside. For Christmas I want a yo-yo, a remote control airplane, Legos, a pinwheel, some fun stuff and colored paper and a good Christmas. Do the elves “poof” the toys? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like to play soccer. I want a soccer toys. I want a real kitten that is my own. I want two Star Wars toys. From your friend,


Dear Santa,

I have brown-blondish hair. I would like some jewelry and money. Do you sing? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like to do basketball. I am 7 years old. I want a Easy-Bake Oven, a puppy, 2 books, a lot of Play School stuff like a big folder. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I live in Newton. Santa, can I have a kitten for Christmas. You are nice. Why don’t you go swimming? You like every body. Most people like you. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I was born Oklahoma City and moved to Kansas. For Christmas I want the movie “Frozen,” my own tree, a Furreal Friend, a DS, a diary that opens up to my voice, Barbie with a red dress. How do your reindeer fly? How do you fly all around the world in one night? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

The toys I would like are Barbie doll, LPS dachshund, Nook, and the movie, “Shilo”. How do you go around the world in one night? I like you Santa. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am good at football. I would like a football, a tee for football, football gloves, cleats. How do your reindeer fly? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like Christmas. I would like a Xbox 1, Pokemon cards, scooter, and money. How is Mrs. Claus? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am close to 8 years old and I have red-brown and blonde hair and my name is Rachel Elizabeth and I’m good at art. How do you get through the chimney? What I want for Christmas is a hundred dollars, and art set, math books, notebooks, and pencils. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I want an iPod and a laptop, and a phone, a doll house, Barbie clothes. I am 8 years old. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like getting presents at Christmas and how do you go all around the world in one night? I would like makeup and my own cat and a four-wheeler. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I love Christmas. I would llike to have my own Santa hat. I would like a Santa costume. Do you really have reindeer? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am in second grade. I want an Xbox football game and a lion that walks and talks. Can I go for a ride in your sleigh? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like to play. I want an iPad and iPod and a Wii U. Why are you so big? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am 7 years old. I like soccer, and football, and baseball. How do your reindeer fly? I want a Lego City set. Your friend,


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