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Animals need special care in cold

Deep cold, as the county recently experienced, creates special needs for animals.

Peabody veterinarian Virginia Skinner recommends owners use heated water dishes and stock tank heaters, and check animals’ water three times a day.

It’s also nice to keep water and food out for wild birds, she said.

Veterinarian Jessica Laurin of Animal Health Center of Marion said that although her horse’s water tank has a tank heater, it won’t remain ice-free if she fills it too full.

Feeding also is important.

“Usually there’s increased energy needs, so they need more rations,” Laurin said.

Trees provide wind breaks for animals living in pastures. So does a deep creek bed. Some farmers build wind shelters from round bales.

Laurin said animals also needed dry bedding to keep warm.

Last modified Jan. 10, 2018