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An idea for a fund-raiser

I have an idea for a fund-raiser that I am sure would raise a nice chunk of cash for some local group with big dreams, energetic members, and the patience to wade through tedious information.

Between my work for the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin and some of the community projects with which I am involved, I find myself in the position of trying to contact people for information or interviews who no longer have phone numbers published in any phone directory.

For many of us, this really is a big issue.

Do you know how many hours I have spent in the past year trying to find people who rely strictly on cell phone communication and no longer have published landline numbers? Of course you don’t. I don’t know either. However, let me tell you this — finding you folks for information and quotes is becoming more and more difficult.

Most people don’t hide their cell phone numbers, but they have no way to share the numbers with people who might need them.

Therefore, here is what I think some innovative group of adults or young people ought to do. I think they should plan a strategy to contact Peabody residents and get permission to include them in a publication of cell phone numbers. I would be a paying customer — especially if there were annual updates that would help me stay in touch. Links to other family members or friends who might have more current information would be helpful.

I bet that somewhere in this country, there is a service group that has already met the challenge. A local group should get on board with this and see how it is done.

I would actually use a directory of local cell phone numbers. I have a pile of free phone books. They contain less information each year and much of what is published is outdated. I would appreciate a chance to have information I can use, even if there is a fee to get it.

If some enterprising group would be willing to tackle this project, I would support your fundraiser in a heartbeat!


Last modified July 24, 2013