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Ammeter enjoys supper guests

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On Feb. 1, B.J. Ammeter and LaVonne Ammeter went to Pea-body to buy groceries and to do some shopping.

B.J. and LaVonne went to Marion on Feb. 2 and LaVonne had some tests done at St. Luke Hospital. Myron and Sally Ammeter came later in the day from Manhattan and they brought supper. Stan Ammeter joined the group and everyone enjoyed a good meal and visiting. B.J. went to Wichita to visit a friend.

A nice rain fell overnight on Feb. 3, leaving about 2.5 inches in LaVonne’s rain gauge. She reported her yard looked like a lake.

B.J. and LaVonne went to Peabody on Feb. 4 for groceries. Stan Ammeter was a supper guest and LaVonne’s granddaughter, Emily Haxton, called to say that she was feeling good.

On Feb. 5, LaVonne went to church services at Ebenezer Methodist Church. Stan was a dinner guest and a lunch guest on Feb. 6. LaVonne went to Peabody on Feb. 7 to pick up some medicine.

Last modified Feb. 16, 2012