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Alternate transportation rules still misunderstood

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke reminds Peabody residents that if they are not sure about the rules governing the use of alternative forms of transportation, they should contact his office and find out what the ordinance says.

“We’ve been discussing this issue for several months now,” he said. “Just when I think we are all on the same page, someone comes up with a new wrinkle for operating an alternative means of transportation or for carrying passengers.

“The bottom line for deciding how to use alternative transportation is to realize what the manufacturer had in mind.”

People who want to use a golf cart as an alternative means of transportation must remember that a golf cart has one passenger seat and usually a rear cargo area for carrying golf supplies. The cargo area cannot to be used to transport other passengers —especially children.

The driver of an all-terrain vehicle, which is made for one person, who transports a passenger, is in violation of the law.

“People just need to be logical before agreeing to let passengers ride with them,” Burke said. “Think of the manufacturer’s intent.”

Another alternative form of transportation causing irritation for police and some citizens are horses on city streets.

“We have had trouble with this several times this summer,” Burke said. “It is probably worth reminding horse riders again about city ordinance governing their access to city streets.

“Horses may be ridden on city streets, but if the horse leaves a ‘deposit’ the rider is required to come back and clean it up,” he said.

Anyone with questions about city ordinances may contact Burke at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Sept. 2, 2009