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All the bells and whistles

I would like to share one new car experience with you because there is a bit of humor to it. Many of you have asked whether or not I have adjusted to the new vehicle. I guess I have, but I am just not sure that I like it. It is great for hauling those big plastic bins of newspapers every Wednesday. Loading up the cargo area is a breeze. That part is great.

However, I made my first stab at parallel parking in Newton a couple of weeks ago and I thought, “Whoa … I can’t see a thing!” The side windows are like gun-turrets, high and narrow — not much is visible. Also, there a numerous things that “ding” at me. How many warnings do I need when I don’t even know that warning ding is dinging? It is not as if there is any kind of a message letting me know for sure which warning I am hearing.

Two weeks ago on a Sunday I drove north up Nighthawk Rd. far behind the local fire trucks, headed for a blaze of some sort out in the county. At some point, I realized there was a dinging sound coming from the dash that I had not heard before. “What could that be?” I wondered. Oops, out of gas. The old Buick had this print message on the front control panel that simply said, “LOW fuel.” Just about as plain as it could get, in my opinion. I miss that part.

Back to my latest experience — I think I told you all that I was having trouble figuring out how to reset my clock after we switched from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time. Shortly after that comment in this column, Old What’s His Name was on board in the new ride and he said, “Oh, hey, I can fix that for you.” He pushed buttons, looked at the console to see if anything had changed, pushed more buttons, said, “Are you kidding me?” and ignored my comments about the instruction manual. He never did get me back on Standard Time.

Now I am on Military Time. Who knew Military Time was clicking around in that console, just waiting for him to stumble upon it? Figuring out what time it is between noon and midnight is now even more complicated. To help regulate my blood pressure, I think I just won’t mention that car anymore.


I hope you all are participating in the annual Christmas Shopping Spree and are having your tickets punched or stamped for each $10 purchase you make between now and Dec. 20. The list of participating businesses is on the back of each ticket. I would be happy to renew your subscription to the paper and help you fill up a couple of tickets.

Saturday the American Legion Auxiliary will sponsor a Christmas Showcase, which gives home-based businesses a chance to show their wares to shoppers during the holiday season. They will also be selling bake sale goodies and will have a “snack-burger” lunch available. Santa will be on hand from 10 a.m. to noon to visit with your children and you will have a chance to take pictures if you wish. The Christmas Showcase will be in the north room of the American Legion.

The quilting ladies of the Peabody Community Quilt Project will also be displaying their wares in the community room of Indian Guide Terrace. This is an annual event for these crafty gals. They will sell quilted items from place mats and Christmas ornaments to wall hangings and quilts. The funds they raise will go to renovate current playground equipment or purchase new playground equipment at the city park. They also will be selling Christmas cookies by the pound at their cookie walk.

And several downtown businesses will be open, featuring special sales, live music, Christmas treats, and great shopping! See you all there.


Last modified Dec. 5, 2013