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Algae warnings renewed for 10th straight week

For the 10th consecutive week, Marion County tourism is being challenged by blue-green algae advisories.

The county’s bodies of water switched places on this week’s list of state advisories, issued Thursday.

Marion County Lake is now under an algae warning, more serious than its previous algae watch, while Marion Reservoir is under a watch, less serious than its previous warning.

Joining the lake under algae warnings are Big Eleven Lake in Wyandotte County, Jerry Ivey Pond in Saline County, Gathering Pond in Geary County, Hiawatha City Lake in Brown County, and Lovewell Reservoir in Jewell County.

Joining the reservoir under algae watches are Lake Shawnee in Shawnee County, Keith Sebelius Reservoir in Norton County, and Rock Garden Pond in Shawnee County.

A warning means visitors should avoid contact with lake water and immediately wash with clear water any skin that contacts lake water.

Livestock and pets should not be allowed to drink lake water. Fish are still safe to eat provided they are rinsed and everything but the fillet is discarded.

A watch means areas of algae accumulation should be avoided.

The state tests for blue-green algae each Monday and issues watches or warnings each Thursday.

Blue-green algae produces a variety of toxins, primarily when it dies. Some toxins are relatively mild, causing only intestinal distress, but others can be potent neurotoxins, blamed in some animal and human deaths.

Marion and Hillsboro water plants provide drinking water from the reservoir for Marion, Hillsboro, Peabody, and Marion County Lake. The treatment process normally eliminates all toxins involved.

Last modified July 11, 2019