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Aiming for the events of May 3

I hope you all are fine-tuning the descriptions of your garage sale treasures so you can turn in your registration form Friday afternoon at the city building and get on the map for the big event May 3. This is your chance to reclaim closet space, get rid of those now-collectable 1980s Spuds McKenzie T-shirts, get your car back into the garage, and spin some yarns on Community Wide Garage Sale Day with the youngsters that come wanting to dig through your baseball card collection.

Although there is no reason for me to shop at any garage sale or estate sale ever again in my entire life, I expect I will be following the map around Peabody the day of the sale just in case there is something I simply cannot live without. That has happened before — just about every year in fact. And if you are selling your baseball card collection, let me know. I’m looking for a Mickey Mantle rookie card.

I also still plan to be a part of the lawn chair brigade at the community track meet that same day when the contestants heat things up and the track is smoking as all the locals show off their athletic prowess. Yes, that was kind of a joke. However, I will admit to having a grudging admiration for those old and middle-aged codgers who still can hoof it around a lane of a certain distance and cross the finish line. I have no intention of trying to compete with them, but the lawn chair brigade will be giving its all in spirited encouragement from the sidelines. You are welcome to come join me. I actually have some donations from people who may or may not show up to “not compete,” but who wish to contribute in the same spirit as our community athletes.

How about that for folks who get it and hope to help spur the growth of a community event? Kudos to them.

A little-known fact about the events of May 3 is that for lunch you can dine on a classic Peabody recipe at the American Legion Auxiliary Spring Showcase in the Legion Hall downtown. Myrna Wood has Gladys Hart’s magic recipe for the famous Dairy Crème snack-burgers of the 1960s and 70s — some Peabody folks remember them as the best fast food ever. The American Legion ladies will be serving the famous snack-burgers and chips just like in the old days. Stop by for a tour of local vendors and a meal that will take you back to your youth or maybe to your parents’ youth.

At any rate there will be plenty to do and see in Peabody on May 3. Be a part of it!


Last modified April 23, 2014