• Last modified 2595 days ago (June 15, 2012)


Advisory lifted for lake, continues for reservoir

A health advisory for blue-green algae at Marion County Park and Lake was lifted Thursday but a similar advisory remains in effect until at next Thursday for Marion Reservoir.

Although boating and fishing may be safe, wading and swimming for people, pets and livestock are discouraged at the reservoir.

Six other lakes and reservoirs in the state are under blue-green algae advisories. The nearest are Milford Lake in Geary, Riley and Clay Counties. Two lakes, Old Herington City Lake in Dickinson County and a lake near Great Bend, are under a more serious blue-green algae warning. THe Great Bend lake was under a similar closure warning last week.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment advises that humans, pets, and livestock should not drink untreated water or consume dried algae from any of the lakes involved.

Fish should be rinsed with clean water. Only the filet portion should be eaten.

If water comes in contact with skin or fur, wash with clean water as soon as possible.

Last modified June 15, 2012