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Accountant values business on local scale

Staff writer

Korie Hatton grew up in a small town, so starting her business in a community where she can get to know clients is important to her as a budding accountant.

“In a smaller community it’s more of a personal service,” she said. “It’s getting to know your clients’ personal and financial situations to where you can tailor their needs to the services you offer.”

While she travels as far as Derby to meet clients, Hatton said establishing an office near her Peabody home is importamt.

“To keep the community striving and hopefully keep the younger generation here in town and not let the town dwindle to nothing, it’s hopefully providing for future generations of Peabody residents,” she said.

Hatton used to travel to meet clients every day in Wichita or Sedgwick.

Working from Peabody provides flexibility with her children in school and their participation in sports.

“If something happens with the kids, it makes for such a better situation than being in Wichita every day,” she said.

Now she will be able to stay in Peabody Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at her new office downtown, while working from home other days.

Hatton has seen interest in her services from Peabody residents, but she said going into business around tax season was not planned.

“It just seemed like the opportunity was put in front of me,” she said. “I was blessed that it ended up being around the right time.”

In addition to her own practice, Hatton collaborates with an accounting firm out of Wichita.

She worked at an accounting firm in El Dorado as well before moving to Peabody in 2014.

After taking time off to focus on her children, Hatton started handling contracted accounting work for a glass door company in Sedgwick.

While there are logistical differences depending on the nature of her employment, her job responsibilities remain consistent with typical accounting work.

“It’s basically the same services,” she said. “It’s just me setting up a home base and offering it for more people.”

Last modified Feb. 5, 2020