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A lens for progress

Readers often tell us they wish we didn’t have so much negative news – even though the vast majority of our news is quite positive. What they don’t realize is that we agree. We’d love to stop reporting negative news and will — just as soon as those responsible for making the news stop doing negative things.

Ignoring the negative the way tin-horn dictators do accomplishes nothing other than make people think they don’t have to do anything to address real problems. We respect our community and our readers too much to lie to them. If something negative happens, you’ll hear about it here — along with the thousands of positive things we’d greatly prefer to write about. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll all be motivated to fix the problems instead of allowing them to fester.

It isn’t coverage of negative things that hurts economic development. It’s the negative things themselves. Covering them is how you begin to solve them.

— eric meyer

Last modified Feb. 25, 2016