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A final saga begins

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With warm weather undeniable, fall sport players getting geared up, and back-to-school sale ads filling our TVs, it’s no secret that summer days are numbered and we soon will be back in the full swing of school.

Although the first day for Peabody students is much later this year than in previous years for me this summer has flown by faster than any before. I blame this on my constant on-the-go lifestyle and on my current state of denial. Denial of the fact that I have one last first day of school here in the place I have known since my mom walked me to my first day of preschool.

I’ve known this day was coming. I’ve even looked forward to the day in which I lock the door closing this chapter of my young life. Now that this day has been assigned an actual date in May, I find myself wanting to run back to skinned knees, toothless smiles, and days where my biggest concern was who I got to sit by at circle time.

Yes, I know this is unrealistic, but it sure is nice to reminisce. For years people have advised me not to grow up too quickly and to enjoy where I’m at. I had a good time, but I don’t think this ever truly sank in until recently. This realization motivates me to appreciate each day of my youth a little more because, sooner than I want it to, the day will come when I will pass that same advice onto young people too eager to be a “grown-up.”

I face my last year of high school with a whole new set of challenges just as each year before. Year after year I walk through the doors on the first day with more wisdom, and better understanding of how things really work than I had the year before — but I also enter with uncertainty.

This year I face not having my best friend Stephanie Remple by my side. Stephanie is heading off to college, embarking on a journey of her own. It’s going to be tough not seeing her in the halls or retelling her latest stories. I have faith in myself, however, that I will be able to adjust to each new circumstance thrown my way, and I have faith in our friendship.

With a lengthy to-do list in hand, a new schedule to face, and daydreams of college clouding my thoughts, I will not only survive each day of my senior year — I will enjoy it. Even my last first day at Peabody-Burns High School.

Last modified Aug. 20, 2009