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'Vicious animal' bites woman twice

A Hillsboro woman received two citations after a “vicious animal” bit a Wichita woman at her residence.

Hillsboro officer David Funk responded to a dispatch for “multiple dog bites on one person” around 8 p.m. Saturday in the 300 block of N. Washington St.

He said the dog escaped the Hillsboro woman’s residence when she opened the door.

“The dog was a pit bull mix of some type,” Funk said. “It bit the [Wichita] woman twice — once on a calf and once on a knee. It didn’t break the skin but it left bruises.”

Funk said the Hillsboro woman had grabbed the dog and shut it back in the house before he arrived.

Hillsboro EMS assessed the bites, determining that the Wichita woman did not require further medical attention, Funk said. She refused transport, he said.

Funk issued two citations to the Hillsboro woman, one for harboring a vicious animal and the other for keeping a pit bull within city limits.

Last modified April 21, 2016